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TODAY'S SPECIAL ~ Crazy with a shot of More Crazy



Ahh and so it is ability to hear dead people, the emotions that have ensued from said experience and then my morning of anger/tears with a side of cramping is a sure tell that Aunt Flo is coming to visit. What? You haven't been chomping at the bit to know my menstrual cycle? That's not what I heard...

Anyway, to all you lasses that have a period on the same day every month without fail for a few short days and then are able to move on with life...screw you. My little friend comes whenever it wants and sticks around for however long it sees fit (weeks people, freakin' weeks). It's kind of like my toddlers, it irritates and pokes at me and takes me just to the point where I might lose my mind and then it backs off. They all come from the same place so isn't the connection ironic? This misery is all thanks to an alien implant I have in my arm to keep babies away. Sorry Catholics! Let me just tell you...I'm about ready to go to the ol' trusty pull out method and we know how well that works.

Exhibit A (that's a brand new Huddy Bear who will have his own post someday when he takes a break from eating)

I still stand by the fact that sweet baby was conceived through my belly button. Yes, it was a miracle! I also blame a dear friend of mine that "accidentally" got pregnant around the same time. You know how your cycle sometimes starts to copy someone that you are spending a lot of time with? Well I think that happened to me only my body decided instead to copy her fertility. Thanks a lot, and yes I'm talking to you Myers! That's why we can't hang out anymore...

Fondly ~ SumSum

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