Today's Special!

TODAY'S SPECIAL ~ Crazy with a shot of More Crazy


I knew this was going to happen...

I get this great idea, hey start a blog to feed my writing addiction, but as with most things in my life I start it and then it is left on my bedroom floor in a heaping pile waiting to be found for months, hell years. I can't commit to save my life (this coming from someone in a 16 year relationship) but perhaps if I give myself some GD goals to this thing called 'blog' I'll keep up on it. So here it goes...I SumSum, promise SumSum to write once a day a story about my (SumSum's) day/life/make believe land in which I control midgets with mind candy. The outcome being preventing the soon to be stalkers lurking at the corner to even need to stalk me because everything you need to know is here. SumSum, I agree.
Well, now that is out of the way...I'll see you followers (or extreme lack thereof, meaning NONE) tomorrow. This same time and same channel...
BTW, I just found on that watchdog site that a dude lives in my subdivision that likes child porn...looks like my boys won't be running the neighborhood with their nuggets hanging out anymore. WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO!!!!!


  1. I LOVE SUMSUM!!!! I am so proud of you, and excited because I will totally read your blog everyday because I have an online addiction. I check my e-mail, check FB, check Etsy, check blog, rinse and repeat. Somewhere in there..I work. And yes, I would gladly mentor you :) Call me, lady!

  2. Much like a midget, I am also suggestible when candy is dangled in front of me like a donkey with a carrot... I think I may be a closet rodeo clown...