Today's Special!

TODAY'S SPECIAL ~ Crazy with a shot of More Crazy


Ravioli brings all the boys to the yard...

All this time I thought it was milkshakes but apparently I was wrong. I post one recipe on my blog and what happens??? I get another follower, granted it's not a boy and it might be another cousin but I'm counting that shit as success.

On another note, I don't cook and I'm not really great at cleaning up after a meal either so I don't think posting recipes will be my key to blog fame. To tell you the truth, I'm not in this to be famous I just really like talking about myself...hahahahahahaha, that's bullshit (I'm speaking of the not wanting to be famous part, the love affair I have with all things me is absolutely true).

In fact, I'm thinking about somehow changing my nationality to Italian just so I can have a shot at Jersey Shore season 2...if MTV gets one look at my fist pumping skills and my ability to take a punch from New Jersey Elementary School gym teachers I'm on that show faster than you can say mozzarella.
I need to work on NOT pointing my finger as I beat up that beat...and not being seated might work more in my favor as well.



  1. "The love affair I have with all things me is absolutely true" is by far my favorite part. lol
    And you don't have two followers, you have three!

  2. Woah, lady!! You have 6!!! You are on your way you Italian bombshell ;)

  3. i love you summmer in a "i never see you, but know you best through the internets" kind of way ;o)