Today's Special!

TODAY'S SPECIAL ~ Crazy with a shot of More Crazy


Better Luck Tomorrow...

I only have time to say these few things:
  • I already miss Jersey Shore.
  • I can't believe Ronnie and Samantha are not going to be together forever.
  • Snookie has no upper lip and it bugs the shit out of me.
  • I want to meet one person who does not think "The Situation" is the most feminine straight dude they have ever seen. Did you see how he talks on the phone and the faces he makes??? Total girl!
  • MTV has offered the original cast a $10k signing bonus AND $10k an episode (this was after they did not accept $5k an episode) for a Jersey Shore Season 2. There will be 12 episodes so they would each look at banking $130k for occupational duties like hanging out in a hot tub filled with semen, getting black out drunk, boardwalk wrestling and my absolute favorite and quite possibly my life calling BEATING UP THE BEAT. I do this stuff for free! Someone from MTV needs to f'g call me!

Fondly ~ SumSum or my Jersey Shore name SumFunBuns (I just made that up...)

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