Today's Special!

TODAY'S SPECIAL ~ Crazy with a shot of More Crazy


Hugs at work...

I'm a hugger, habitual if you will...I specifically like touching and hugging people that I know hate to be touched or hugged.  I have a certain WOF (work only friend) that cringes every time I rub her arm which makes me want to touch her even more.  So I invented B.O.B (boob on boob action).  This is the most obscene, unprofessional, and awkward hug you can give someone at work.  The next time one of your own WOF's start to complain that they are overworked, underpaid, underappreciated and hate their boss ask them if they need B.O.B.  They will then ask, "what's B.O.B.?"   Don't you dare tell them...just introduce them accordingly.  Walk over to your WOF, go in for a proper hug making sure your boobs are directly on top of their boobs and squeeze.  I like to also add a swivel motion, really grinding my boobs into their boobs.  Most people upon their first B.O.B. experience will shove you away in embarrassment and disgust but believe me they'll come back for more...they always do.  Just today, my WOF shared with me that they had to put their dog down over the holiday weekend and of course I gave her the longest, hardest B.O.B. I could.  She said, "Okay, that's enough" several times but I don't let go until I feel it's enough.  In fact, the next time I see you, I am going to B.O.B. you so hard it will make your head explode.
Until then...