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TODAY'S SPECIAL ~ Crazy with a shot of More Crazy


Don't hate the playa...

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I love playing games...mind games, make believe games, pretending I like you when I think you are a total bitch because we work together and I can't tell you to go eff yourself because I don't have another job yet games and now...blogger games.  This one comes from two gals who are funny and more importantly like to drink. 
I tell you three things, two of which are the truth and one is a lie.  You have to guess what is a lie and I tell you which is which next Thursday and you can win a BIG PRIZE!  Big Prize = A signed picture of me.  See?  Isn't this going to be FUN!?! 
This is going to be rather difficult as I am pretty sure there are some of you reading that have thoroughly dissected all of the skeletons in my closet and also the fact that I am terrible at keeping my own secrets.  Here we go...

  1. I don't "hate" anyone because "hate is murder in the heart"
  2. I have never murdered anyone with my bare hands
  3. I can't stand that people read my blog and don't sign up as a follower and therefore I am only at 20 something people in my blogger fan club.  Newsflash people ~ popularity contests didn't end in high school!


  1. Ha, you pegged me right. I DO like to drink. I just don't get occasion to as much as I'd like. Haha.

    As for your lies, I'm going to say #3 is your lie.

    Thanks for playing! I'm linking you up if you haven't already.

  2. Well I don't drink, but I can still party with the best of them. Haha. Anyhoo...hmmm....I am going to #3 also. :D Thanks for hooking up!

  3. I was probably (wink) drinking when I wrote that so I can't be held reponsible...

  4. lets pop the top girl,number 1 is the lie