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TODAY'S SPECIAL ~ Crazy with a shot of More Crazy


WT"f" book...and other birthday ridiculousness

We had a birthday bash this past weekend and as I was torching my home and rebuilding it so all my guests would think I was super organized and clean my mom and I came across this in my son's room... 
Not appropriate Scholastic...but look at how excited my mom is about it!  They were really off on the age range for this book.

We had a water slide at the birthday bash and it didn't take long before some freak nasty adults decided to take the plunge.  Beer may or may not have been was a kid party isn't booze a necessity???
Yes, one of those freaks is me and yes, we are holding hands as we slippety doo dah down to the pool of death (it was scary) and no, children were not harmed or completely mortified during this least that is what we are telling ourselves.

It was a good party, my body still hurts from all the good that went down...and apparently my husband and I need to have a talk...


  1. Love it! My daughter's birthday is coming up, and she wants a Twilight themed swimming party at...guess what time of the day? Yep, at twilight! I need booze just thinking about it!

    Party on!

  2. Oooh man my daughter wants a Twilight party too! UGh!

    The slide looks fun! I would do it. Hahaha.

  3. It is so wrong that Jon is so close to def need to have a talk...

  4. i think you guys should have a Twilight vs. The Lost Boys party and let's show these teenage girls what real vampires are like!!!! I'm growing tired of sparkling, all in love blood suckers...

  5. LOL. I've never looked at it this way. The F book. of course!

    (Hopped over from TheBloggess because of the title of your post...) ;-)