Today's Special!

TODAY'S SPECIAL ~ Crazy with a shot of More Crazy


Random Tuesday - You smell like rum...


While driving out to our date night I noticed a cloud that looked just like an alligator so I got excited and said, "oh Todd, look an alligator".  He saw it as well and responded, "and you aren't even on drugs..." I am not sure as I am typing that today really how to take that because I haven't done drugs in like a week...kidding family members who read this, it's been more like two weeks and they were all prescribed by a doctor to someone.

The family went to the Expo this weekend (it's a carnival where the freaks come out and not just at night)... Ryser and I decided to ride this haunted house suicidal crate thing that ended up breaking down right in the middle of the ride in the pitch dark.  Ryser starts whispering, "mumma, let's get outa here..."  Then Crazy Carnie finally emerges and starts to push us out into the light.  The whole time he is moaning and making these awful orgasm noises right at the back of my neck with his cheap rum skank breath enveloping me and my innocent son...I am giggling and keep asking, "do you want us to just walk out?"..."are you sure you don't want us to get out?"..."please for the love of God I'm getting drunk from your breath"..."LET ME OFF THIS F'G RIDE!!!!"  That last part wasn't said because I don't say F'G in front of my son (on purpose) but none the less he finally released us and we walked out and then Ryser and I got cotton candy to forget about that horrendous experience.  Lesson ~ Drunk Orgasmic Carnies are easily forgotten with Fairy Floss...

Right after we ate our cotton candy we went to let the boys ride on this train and the toothless ticket taker said it was off the track...Todd then looked at me and said that if two things are broken it might be a good sign that this isn't the safest family outing...the boys were upset at first until we went through Dairy Queen.  That's how we handle family it Dobson!


  1. Interesting experience love the faerie floss thing very cute. I think I would have had to leave as well, very creepy Carnie!

  2. Sybil, Are you (y'all) SURE you (y'all) only counted 4...I hope you're right , what a relief...hate scary carnie people esp with drunken skank breath...

    Hugs back atcha, Truddi Chase

  3. Your frickin' hilarious....fairy Floss...Drunken Orgasmic Carnies.....too funny!

    I found your site through one of my 'Best Friends', Angie.... (well, Angie doesn't really know we're best friends, but we are!) She thinks you're funny, and being the best friends that we are, I trust her judgement! :):)

    So I'm off to 'stalk' your site and perhaps become your newest follower (Thanks for the laugh!)

  4. It's not stalking if you only peek in the windows...believe me, I've checked it out.