Today's Special!

TODAY'S SPECIAL ~ Crazy with a shot of More Crazy


ADD in full effect; I could really use the H today...

There are so many topics flying around this fat head of mine that I've decided to purge them out in one post.

  • I have recently heard of a perfume fragrance called Vulva, which apparently is bottled pink taco smell. If you want to smell like crotch I will be more than happy to swab mine with a Q-Tip and place my sweet funk on your pulse points for half the price.
  • I know the Pink Taco is also a restaurant chain in LA but when I say pink taco I am referring to your roast beef sandwich of love, your axe wound of desire, or a favorite childhood reference dibadoo.
  • What has happened to Rihanna? After Chris Brown cold cocked her in the face she has turned into a real hooch. Example is her latest song, "C'mon Rude Boy Boy, Can you get it up, C'mon Rude Boy Boy, Is you big enough"...Really? I can't wait until Ryser repeats these lyrics in Sunday School. Stick to singing about rain gear!
  • I am domestically challenged...I can't really cook and cleaning is so foreign to me. I need at least a 45 minute warning before company is coming over and even then our upstairs is completely off limits. A friend passed this website on to me and it might just cure me before I become a topic on that Hoarding show...
  • I did shine my sink (1st baby step at site mentioned above) and I took a picture of it to share here but this morning I was so blinded by the shine I forgot my camera. I guess I have to shine my sink now every night, this flying bitch is already asking a little much...
  • I don't even watch Dancing with the Stars but I caught the very end last night before LOST and could Kate without her 8 of had a more sour puss look on her face? What more does this chick want from life...your ex-husband is a confirmed douche bag - bonus for you, you popped out 8 kids and someone hooked you up with lypo - that's another bonus and you make millions by placing sticky notes all over your house and demoralizing your partner - triple bonus.
  • On another note what has happened to 90210 Brenda's face? I bet those witches from Charmed cast a spell on her!!! Karma at work...
  • I'm still miserably failing at my work's weight loss challenge so I ate a Asiago Cheese bagel to make myself feel better.
  • I'm thinking about changing my blog's name...
  • JUST IN - I have received a short term disability claim for an employee and the attending physician's name is Seymour Wiener.

I feel lighter already...this purging thing really does work!

Fondly ~ SumSum

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