Today's Special!

TODAY'S SPECIAL ~ Crazy with a shot of More Crazy


The good ol' days...

This is an e-mail I came across today in one of my archive folders (I would like to take a moment and thank God for the ability to archive e-mail as it has saved me numerous times ~ personally and professionally) and it made me laugh so I thought I'd share...
If you are reading it and it sounds very familiar it was probably to you!

Funny story…wait, disclaimer before funny story – I love my mother in law aka Mumma Sal and she does a lot of great things for us but that still does not change the fact that she might be a little off her rocker…okay, funny story – when Ryser was born he had a blocked tear duct and his eye would get super dry and crusty. Since this was my first baby I did what every other new mom does and blew it out of proportion and constantly worried about it and him going blind and other ridiculousness. I was talking to Mumma Sal about it and she told me to squirt breast milk in it. Yes, you read that right ~ take my boob, aim my nipple in my newborn son’s eye and squirt breast milk in it. You want to know what is even more crazy?? After Todd and I talked about it and tried to confirm if his mom is on a one way trip to nutsville – WE DID IT!!!! I did not take aim to my son’s face with my boobie but I did squirt a little in my medela cup and Todd took a dropper and put some in his eye. All of a sudden Ryser started singing and dancing and stars filled our living room…okay that didn't happen but according to my MIL breast milk can cure cancer so I don’t know if we were expecting that or what. Anyway, we did it – we felt weird about it – it didn’t cure his blocked tear duct, only time did that – and we never did it again. We also promised each other that any advice that was given to us by anyone (but mainly parents) that had to be discussed for any length of time probably wasn’t for us.

See? Wasn't that totally worthy of a blog post? Now, sit very still because my boob milk might get rid of that zit on your forehead...

Fondly~ SumSum


  1. I loved this email & remember it. :) Gees, you did have to dig deep to find this! I love archiving emails. :)

  2. YUP! This was my attempt at parenting advice. Don't listen to me though because I have no idea what I am doing. :)

  3. That was absolutely awesome. I never saw this e-mail or heard this story, but I am not surprised at it at all. lol. Also, please forgive my lack of commenting. I have been the mom in the NOW version of your latest post. Life is ridiculous. Now I will go back to wishing I were drinking.