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TODAY'S SPECIAL ~ Crazy with a shot of More Crazy


You're awesome and I don't care.

Today I posted the following as a facebook status:
"Weight loss challenges are so stupid, unless you are actually losing weight. What? There are bagels in the kitchen...Yes, please!"

Now, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to conclude that I'm probably not doing very well in this weight loss challenge. In fact, I'm doing down right awful and riding the roller coaster of weight that I have become a permanent fixture on since about February 2006.

So someone please explain this comment to my status:
"We r doing the biggest loser contest at my work. I went to weigh in yesterday morning and a staff member offered me a doughnut. I told her I had to weigh in. She said, have one after! I didn't! Guess that's why I'm in the lead right now!!"

No offense to the person that decided that was an appropriate comment to my 'I am a huge fat ass who is failing miserably at my work's weight loss challenge' status but fuck you (sorry to my underage readers)! I could give a rat's ass that you are in first place...I'm not! I don't need you getting all high and mighty on me about donuts! Guess what? I would have not only eaten the donut but went back when no one was looking and eaten another one and then taken one for lunch. I guess I better stop doing that so I can be in first place like you. You're an idiot! Way to kick someone while their down. I am seriously contemplating removing you from my friend listing. In fact, I think I'm cleaning my entire friend list of anyone who has ever won a weight loss challenge all while I eat a dozen donuts.

Fondly ~ SumSum

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