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Not Blonde??

A few months ago I noticed this little blonde strand that was peeking through my voluptuous brunette head of hair. I have thinner hair then that Barbie you shaved in kindergarten so voluptuous is not an honest statement but it's my blog and if I want voluptuous hair in my recollection so be it. I pull it and in that swift tug memories come flashing back to me of when I used to pull my dad's blonde hairs, only then the color used to describe these hairs was grey! "Stop it Summer! You don't have grey hair yet! it's just some random blonde hair that is growing and you've never noticed it before." (that's me talking to myself, it was out loud too) My mom always said my hair was sandy brown so it is completely feasible to believe that I have blonde strands here and there.

Earlier this week I find myself again stroking my long, voluptuous, sleek and satin brown locks (my blog, remember?) when there is another pesky blonde strand! This time I wedge myself as close as I can to the bathroom mirror and I begin what would appear to a mere stranger as a lice bug inspection. I have to get to the bottom of this hair color changing mystery! Could this be Vitiligo of the hair? Am I some medical oddity and the masses will label me a liar as my hair slowly changes from brown to blonde right before every one's eyes (I feel you MJ)?????

My fingers sweep through my scalp as I see another one and another one and another one. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE and they are not blonde...

Fondly ~ SumSum (or soon to be GramGram if I don't get to the hair dresser)

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  1. Just tell yourself that they are blonde!!! I am going to start telling myself that! And it helps to explain my blonde moments!!!!