Today's Special!

TODAY'S SPECIAL ~ Crazy with a shot of More Crazy


Followed next by a check and a note...that last night was dope!

I have always known this about myself but it has truly become clear to me after my Friday night with John Mayer. Yes! John "racial slurring, motor boat loving, homo make out, possible drug addict if Jessica Simpson were coke" Mayer. I don't care what the dude says, he has become ridiculously sexy over the past couple years and I am quite certain his song, Your Body is a Wonderland was written for me and about me. Granted my 'Wonderland' resembles that of the Old Mine Ride at Cedar Point but a Wonderland just the same...anyway, I'm getting off topic.

My name is SumSum (Ms. SumSum if you're nasty) and I am a one night stand friend. Hi SumSum! Now don't get it twisted, I'm not sharing my precious taco of love with these strangers. I am merely giving them, for one night only, my friendship. It usually goes down like this...I begin chatting up some random person within the group but not part of the group or maybe just sitting near us. We laugh, we cry, we dance, at some point we hug (I'm a lover) and by the end of the night we have exchanged e-mail addresses, phone numbers and perhaps even requested facebook friends as well as made plans to hang out again and SOON! "Let's not just say it, let's really do it!" Direct quote made by me a million times!

The sad truth of the matter is I will never see nor speak to this person again. We won't meet for dinner or drinks, we won't hang out next weekend and we will never go on your annual summer canoe trip. We created a spark and for that one night we were friends, really great friends, with so much in common and such promise to truly become a BFF item but let's not tarnish our memories of each other by extending that friendship past that one night.

So, there you have it...I'm a whore for friendship!
Fondly ~ SumSum

One of my many one night stand friends, I don't even remember her name ~ Kid Rock 2009

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  1. Mmm!! I think this came from the Watkins side of your family. :-D You make me so happy with your post. They are so honest and hilarious! :-D love u