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TODAY'S SPECIAL ~ Crazy with a shot of More Crazy


Colonel Sanders doesn't care about Jesus...

My mom was super bummed yesterday. Mostly because if my dad were still alive she would have made Easter dinner. I invited her to the out laws to enjoy the 17 billion kids that birth control made but she "fell sick". Upon my "Happy Easter are you" call it was apparent the answer was not going to be, "Super awesome...I love you too" I decided to grace her with my presence and on the way there I thought, "I should take over Easter dinner!" I'll hold for your applause for being the best daughter EVER! What I forgot was that it was EASTER and everything should be closed to celebrate a small piece of Christian history merely referred to as the Resurrection of Christ!!! Lucky for me Colonel Sanders thinks Jesus is just a good topic to argue about at parties and they provided my mom and brother with a bucket for the holidays. AMEN!

Fondly ~ SumSum

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  1. I'm sure Easter was definetely hard for your mom and your whole family this year, I'm sorry :( I'm glad that Colonel Sanders was open for you though!
    I also had to comment because I was scrolling down and was startled by the sight of your large face. lol.
    Another thing, speaking of Jesus..I have to tell you about Grace's new club she made up. It's called 'The God Club' freakin' will die.