Today's Special!

TODAY'S SPECIAL ~ Crazy with a shot of More Crazy


Random Tuesdays...I'm in!

I hear, in the serious blog world, Tuesday is when you throw up all of your random thoughts. Thank God there is a day for it because I always have random crap in this over sized head of mine...over sized due to genetics and ego, if you were wondering...

So, my son was given a baby turtle from grandpa to hold captive in his bedroom yesterday...I went in there this morning and explained to this tiny little turtle that death is sorry Raphael, our temporary teenage mutant ninja turtle.

Do turtles smell? I'm sure ours will...

I never do my hair for work anymore...maybe if I did I would have a better chance at a sexual harassment lawsuit.

I did the dishes last night so that dead, rotting turkey smell is evaporating...if you are confused by this random thought please see previous post.

I am so surprised that Tito Ortiz would ever lay a violent hand on Jenna Jameson...who would ever suspect someone who has made a career out of breaking people's nose or arms and wrestling around in other dudes blood would be a wife beater.

I have to pee. Thankfully I'm not wearing a party cardi because we know how that turns out...

Fondly ~ SumSum

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  1. Serious blogging, ahhahhahahhahah! You're funny.

    (Yes, turtles smell.)

  2. i'm so in tune with this blogging stuff. i posted some randoms and didn't even know it was a tuesday thing. though my ocd wouldn't let me be TOTALLY random. It's about as random as I can get.