Today's Special!

TODAY'S SPECIAL ~ Crazy with a shot of More Crazy


Contemplating Murder...

I may shoot a turkey in the head this weekend. Apparently this time of year, if you have ever considered shooting a turkey in the head, you can so I think I'm going to give it a whirl. I don't have murderous tendencies (usually) nor have I ever killed anything (on purpose) but my husband gets a real kick out of murdering animals and I've finally decided to see what all the fuss is about. I guess if I am actually successful in blasting a TOM (that's what male turkeys are called, so don't confuse it with my Uncle Tom because I don't want to murder him) then we will go to random dudes houses and drink beer celebrating the kill.
Doesn't that sound AWESOME? Dress up in an outfit that has tree branches on it, sit on the cold ground as my husband uses a flute like instrument to trick the bird into thinking I'm a horny gobbler, as it enters my sites all hot and bothered I shoot it in the head and then we carry it's dead body around from house to house making caveman noises and drinking beer, after I get my picture taken with it multiple times of course.

Don't worry PETA, if I kill it I'm going to eat it...

"On a similar note I must confess to you, I'm giving very serious thought... to eating your wife." ~ Hannibal Lecter.

Fondly ~ SumSum


  1. LMAO LMAO Don will LOVE this post!!! :-D He suggest your blog to people, don't you love that? Quiet, sweet little Don is a big fan!

  2. Uh...have fun with that!
    (Turkeys are appallingly stupid. So I don't feel too badly for them.)

  3. i've been attacked by a wild turkey before that was as tall as me. you can be thankful you didn't run into one.