Today's Special!

TODAY'S SPECIAL ~ Crazy with a shot of More Crazy


What smells like pee?

There are times in my life when I am quite certain I am paying for the sins I committed in a past life because stuff that happens to me just doesn't happen to good people. In this life, if you were wondering, I am a good person hence why they must be sins from the past.

I'm a bit out of sorts today to begin with because it's my first day back after a very long weekend and they played musical cubicles at the office so I sit in a brand new place then I did 4 days ago. I keep telling myself I got a new job hoping that gets me out of this work place slump but so far that hasn't been successful.

Anyway, I take my morning potty break after my super sized coffee and it is going as you would imagine a potty break would go...sit, spray, smile...then I go to wipe and that is when my life takes the cruel turn it normally does. Today, of all days, I am wearing one of those really hip cardigans that flow longer down in the front...pictured below if you couldn't get a mental pic after my ridiculously awesome description.

Well, guess what was wrapped in the toilet paper that was supposed to be gently dabbing my pink taco????? The freaking flowing part of the stupid cardigan!!!! Did I change it or ask someone to borrow their cardigan for the remainder of the day? Nope, I just rinsed it under hot water in the sink and figured that would be sufficient for work.

I'm super clean...
Fondly ~ SumSum


  1. Ha ha ha...that happened to me...with my DAMN prom dress. That's what you get for wearing a dress with a tre chic (code for tacky) bow in the back! HA!

  2. Ahhahhahahhah! That is totally something I would do.

    Pink taco. Heh.