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TODAY'S SPECIAL ~ Crazy with a shot of More Crazy


Are you talking to yourself?

Have any of you seen the show on I.D. channel, Who the [Bleep] Did I Marry? It's a show that explores stories of men and women who thought they were happily married until the day they uncover a shocking secret to uncover that nothing is as it seems. Go set up your DVR and come right back. This is one of those stories…

He was the ultimate man...the perfect specimen of muscle, charm, and endowment for female pleasure. The kind of man that warms up your towel in the dryer while you are showering, or tells you how beautiful you are when you have period bloat and haven't had your upper lip waxed in months.

However, you just can't understand why you have this soft voice telling you something is amiss...until one morning you wake up to piss and that once soft voice is loud and yells for you to break into his damn phone! "Oh now, that's just silly voice. I trust him. What could possibly be in his phone? He made me pancakes for dinner and did the dishes...that is true, honest, unconditional love..." WOMAN, I SAID CHECK THE DAMN PHONE! So you do...and your entire life and plans for the future and a relationship that was built over 2 years is crushed from one text message. A message that probably took seconds to write crumbles your existence. Now you know and now you must act...It's over and there is no coming back from it. The voice goes silent...

In the months ahead, you realize just how much this man was a stranger. You have no idea what you meant to him and what, if anything, you had. You feel foolish, emotionally beaten and even more outraged. You hate him but you hate yourself more for not listening to the voice. The voice that was always there. The voice that you buried. The voice that you never told your friends about. The voice that doesn't sugar coat and no matter how faint never goes away and never lies and doesn't shut up until you do what you are told.

The voice isn't special to the person in this story but of every female out there. (I see you...) We all have that voice. It is powerful and it should never be ignored. It can come as a warning to act, or a sign of great things to come or an internal shove to get over whatever obstacle is holding you back. What is your voice saying? It’s time that you listen…

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