Today's Special!

TODAY'S SPECIAL ~ Crazy with a shot of More Crazy


Ready or not, here I come...

Just as I sat down to enjoy my 2.5 minute lunch break I stumbled across this:

I'll give you a minute...

Now, let me put a 10 foot pile of manure in perspective with a 10 foot Harriet Tubman,  a 10 foot bunny rabbit (Easter shout out), and a normal sized man next to a 10 foot fence.

How about telling me how anyone is allowed to build a shrine to horse crap for so long that it grows in excess of 10 feet?  Maybe the town folk never noticed but The Law cleared that up for us, ""It was the biggest pile of (manure) I have ever seen.  They've been putting it back there for years."  
I'm surprised that these people are surprised that bodies were found in it.  You people are just asking for bodies to be dumped there...hell, I might stop by and dump the turtle for goodness sakes (yes, it's still alive).

When asked if the deceased were white or Hispanic Wyatt Earp had to say, "We're not sure which, but we know for sure they're not black"
Phew! We wouldn't want a Mississippi Burning sequel now would we? Good job on making sure the folks murdered and dumped in 10 feet of horse manure were definitely not black. I'm sure that makes everyone sleep a little more soundly in your Deliverance hell. How can one be so sure they aren't black anyway...considering they're dead, wrapped in plastic and covered in shit? On that note, I could care less if they are brown or yellow, black or white...

Don't worry though, a thorough search has been completed and although more bones were found they are believed to belong to horses so no more threat of illegal dumping of plastic.  I know that's a happy ending for anyone who could have very well starred in The Hills Have Eyes.

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