Today's Special!

TODAY'S SPECIAL ~ Crazy with a shot of More Crazy


Introducing Scummer...

If you read regularly then you'll know Scummer is my alter-ego.  She is quite possibly the most annoying chick on the planet but everyone loves when she decides to make an appearance...well, everyone with a vagina or anyone who does not have a wedding ring tattooed on their finger that matches my own.  In essence, my husband hates her & my friends and creepy single dudes love her and usually egg her on.  Truth be told, she doesn't need egging...
I thought the best way to explain her is through photos...

This is Scummer in the making...the yellow cup and straw are usually a dead giveaway that she is revving up for an appearance.  Innocent bystanders or gals who have not yet been acquainted have no idea what they are in for. 

Uh-Oh...sure tells Scummer has arrived; someone is fondling her, alcoholic substance in hand, the fucking duck face and she has aged about 60 years...

Don't be fooled by the sweet faces surrounding Scummer, they have all had a hand in her demise and point and laugh as she becomes what we like to refer to as "a situation".  Also, don't be fooled with how together Scummer looks in this photo, she has no idea where she is. 

But what she does know is she wants a sandwich...and when she gets hungry...


and then goes to sleep...

Oh Scummer, until next time...

Special thanks to a small little valley who made Scummer's appearance possible and to all those who met her for the first time last Saturday, she meant no harm...or did she???


  1. I really need to come to Bunko night....LOL! I am missing out!

  2. In the last pic, this was right after I tackled you to the ground in hopes for just one hug....just one little hug from the one and only...Scummer.

  3. I do love me some Scummer! MAN SHE'S FUN AS HELL! TMJM

  4. You make me so proud.( My alter-ego is Spill.)


  5. The story of Scummer makes me think of the United States of Tara. Great show. And Scummer sounds like a hoot. Looks like good times.

  6. first of all,
    i've been a horrible blog reader. but i still love you. i'm so overwhelmed by the fact that I can't keep up on my own, i've dropped everyone else's blog in the process.
    second of all,
    i may need to start drinking again ... at least during the winter months.
    third of all,
    are those snaps running down the side of your skinny jeans?