Today's Special!

TODAY'S SPECIAL ~ Crazy with a shot of More Crazy


Drugs are getting a raw deal...

People start a war on them.
People raid places that house them.
People stash them so their niece/nephew won't steal them.

What did drugs ever do?  They are just sitting quietly in your medicine cabinet, old coca-cola tin or bejeweled pill box wanting to make you happy, or help you sleep, or take away the feeling you are going to barf every time you have a family reunion to attend.  Heck, they even make some people less annoying.  Isn't it people that abuse drugs???  Let's just wipe out the population giving drugs a bad name!
This train of thought got me thinking about the different types of drugs and how they form.  Do you know that magic mushrooms sprout from cow dung?  Who is all, "let's save cows...cows are so cute and we shouldn't make them into big, juicy, delicious burgers?"  The vegetarians!  So, I am starting a new war against vegetarians because I think it's obvious they are behind the people abusing drugs...


  1. I want a cheese burger now.....

  2. Your logic regarding drugs and vegetarianism is compelling! thanks!!! I'm with ya all the way, baby!

  3. I KNOW!! This is going to open up a whole new chapter of D.A.R.E. - giving kids the life skills they need to avoid involvement with drugs, gangs, violence and vegetarianism

  4. Uh, noo, helloo? I'm not behind the people (ab)using drugs, I am right next to them, obvs. I mean the song says pass de dutchie to the lef han side, not pass de dutchie behind you!

  5. were you on drugs when you wrote this? just curious ;o)

  6. oops that wasn't meant to be anonymous. it's me i stand by my comment completely!

  7. I never thought about the drugs. Those poor, poor drugs. You make a valid point.

  8. ~ these are the kind of posts that happen when i haven't taken muy drugs...
    cheeseboy ~ i expect you to join me @ the first meeting with people for the ethical treatment of drugs who eat burgers...