Today's Special!

TODAY'S SPECIAL ~ Crazy with a shot of More Crazy


I'd like to thank the little people...

Look!  I got another one of those people not related to me actually read my blog and like it awards!  A chick who I bet has 20/20 vision and can leap buildings in a single bound gave it to me...go check her out at The Opto-Mom.

The first thing I did was google the word versatile because maybe I don't want to own up to being a Versatile Blogger.  The definition read - with many uses: able or meant to be used in different ways as well as changeable: subject to rapid or unpredictable change.  So basically I'm an unpredictable nut case that is meant to be chewed up and spit out or rode hard and put away wet.  Heck yes, that is totally me!!!  So, thank you Opto-Mom!  I have never received a better compliment...

Part of the rules are I have to pass the award on to bloggers I also think are versatile.  I am drawn to folks of this nature:

Yo Mama's Blog - I originally visited this gal because I was surprised to find out my mom had a blog, turns out it's not really my mom...
Wait in the Van - This is one stranger that I would actually get in their van...and wait.
The Un-Mom - She introduced me to random thoughts and a weekday called Tuesday...
Red Means Go - Quite possibly the funniest chick on the information superhighway, also she is not above whoring herself out for fame and that's admirable.
Just Getting Going - She is newer to the blog scene and apparently if I ever get kidnapped I need to provide the po-po her scar history and breast size, good to know!
The Bloggess - This gal is pretty much the cat's ass of blogging...

I think you will see a theme here...anxious alcoholics hiding behind a computer screen and all pretty much AWESOME!

I also need to share 5 random things about myself...
This is starting to feel like work...
  1. I bought a pair of jeggings - for those who don't know those are jean leggings, I know, that's just ridiculous, but I try to camouflage my gut by putting the focus on my chicken legs.
  2. I tried them on for my husband and his reply was, "we are watching too much Jersey Shore"
  3. I wore them for the fist time this weekend and at the first bar we stopped at a tear across my upper thigh neighboring my coochie tear I mean gapping hole.
  4. I contemplated just cutting them off into shorts, Sammi Sweetheart style.
  5. I do watch too much Jersey Shore.
Ahh well, I bet none of those guidette bitches have won a versatile blogger award!  Boo-Ya!


  1. CONGRATS! the definition totally fits you!

    oh, and you didn't pick me because I'm only anxious and behind the computer all the time, and not an alcoholic anymore, right? i figured.

    on the bright side, i'm really glad because i would have hated to pick others and share 5 random things about myself. (though yours were quite legit).

    also, i'm so far behind on blogging life that it would have been a deep ass pain to have to post something like this.

    but apparently i have enough words to overflow your little comment box.

    you're great!

  2. Yep, I love your blog even though we're not related (that I know of). And I thought that maybe you had been used in different ways. Or if not, then perhaps you wanted to be, in which case you would be considered versatile in my book!