Today's Special!

TODAY'S SPECIAL ~ Crazy with a shot of More Crazy


This is when you should just smile and nod...

I have a lot to talk about...all of which are interesting and important to me which means also interesting and important to you (you are smiling and nodding right?  If not, read the title)...have a seat (on my lap) because this is going to take a minute...yes, I have candy.
  • I just quit my job (holy shit!).  A job that I have been at for 9 years.  I'm sad, excited, nervous, enter any other emotion here but most of all I feel bad for the folks I am leaving behind.  This place is really going to suck without my inappropriate conversations and unwanted fondling.  You don't find that in HR anymore...
  • I am starting a new job and I am not sure if these folks at the new gig are ready for my inappropriate conversations and unwanted fondling.  I'll wait for a few days before I really give it to them (literally or figuratively because I go both ways...)
  • In the week I turned in my letter of resignation so did my direct supervisor.  I am telling myself that my leaving caused her to not want to live anymore.  I don't mind having that kind of blood on my hands...
  • Needless to say, we are leaving this department in a bit of a tail spin...too bad they won't have me fondling them to cheer them up...they might report it's unwanted but the constant pleading to stop we both know is just for, I'm HR so the report will come to me.
  • My husband, in his quest to become a professional softball player and Budweiser drinker, tore a bunch of shit in his knee yesterday. This right at the time when I'm quitting one job and moving to the next which also means quitting one employer's insurance and moving to another.  I'm sure this won't be a medical claim nightmare...great timing dumb ass (that's a term of endearment in our home).
  • I was chosen as a featured blogger today over on The Scoop on Poop but Blogger decided to take a gigantic dump on my special day and now I've been tabled to next Friday.  This was after I decided to tell everyone on facebook that my blog is so awesome it will be featured today. 
  • Some sweet tidbits I picked up from facebook this week; 1) My cousin is getting married and sharing her day with her closest friends and family...2) I am not a member of either one of those categories apparently because I wasn't invited...3) When I shared my sadness about the missing invite, obviously hoping it led to an invite that I could just turn down anyway, the only thing that happened is two other cousins "liked" it. 
That is just a small snapshot of my life as it is'll find me passed out in the middle of my backyard wearing only one flip flop this weekend because after all the bullshit above there is serious drinking in order! *hiccup* I might have already started...


  1. i like that your cousins "liked" it. they sound like my kind of people.

  2. Cousin!
    Those cousins that liked it are her sisters! :) I think. You're welcome to join me! And I want to hear more about this new job! Also, tell husband I said nice job dipshit! And that I say it with love!

  3. That was a small detail I purposely left out for the sake of comedy Melinda Ann...

  4. Good luck at your new job! And EVERYBODY loves a little HR fondling. No is the new yes.
    I'll make sure to check out your guest awesomeness on Friday!

  5. I need to come work where you work. I am rarely fondled by my boss. Oh, wait...I'm self-employed. Ummm, be right back...

  6. LOL! Facebook is awesome for family feuds. My dad regularly posts wierd shit that I don't understand on my status updates.
    Looks like you weren't the only one who wanted an invite! Funny.
    I stopped by from The Scoop On Poop. Glad I did!!

  7. She's being featured TODAY so please come by and share some love with her. :)

  8. WOW....congrats on starting a new adventure!! So excited for you! I will be thinking of you while I'm on the beach at a wedding that you know nothing about.... ;)

  9. I have yet to read a post from you and not laugh my ass off! Good luck at the new job! Can't wait to hear all about it! You 'freakin' crack me up! :):)