Today's Special!

TODAY'S SPECIAL ~ Crazy with a shot of More Crazy


End of the World To Do list...

As recorded by 10 year old me when I first learned in Vacation Bible School that some day, in the very near future, the world would end due to the sinful nature of mankind.  The worst sin I had ever committed at the time was telling my mom and dad I wasn't crossing the busy highway to get to my BFF Cari's house.  I figured with today being the day everyone, except you dirty ass sinners of course, will just float away like a hot air balloon to hang out and see for ourselves what Jesus is really doing (not wearing some dumb ass bracelet to remind him to make good decisions I bet) this will be the only chance I get to share this dynamic list.  
  • Make an end of the world mix tape - I can only imagine these "rockin' hits" would have included Livin' On A Prayer, Didn't We Almost Have It All (as recorded by a crackless Whitney), and the very appropriate (I Just) Died In Your Arms...
  • French kiss a boy - at this age the boy I wanted to kiss was a trashy punk and last I heard was featured on a little site named Faces of Meth...way to shoot for the stars 10 year old me.
  • Learn to whistle the part on Walk Like An Egyptian - I still can't whistle :(
  • Shave my legs for the first time - seriously?  I'm thinking about the end of the f'g world and I'm worried about using a razor...however, I do shave my legs and hoonaner today for the Gyno so I should at least show the same respect to JC.
  • Watch Fatal Attraction - I knew it was a good one when I got sent to bed early on that movie night, thank goodness for Neverending Story (if you've seen my featured blog this week you know what I'm talking about)
  • Meet Debbie Gibson - her perfume was the shit back then so I can't really argue...
Last and my personal favorite:
  • Find out what my mom's Cosmopolitan magazine means by lying under the bath tub faucet - oh you just wait until you figure this out...Best. Day. Ever?  Yeah, pretty close!
So, good luck today my fellow blog buddies!  My advice, get yourself a grocery cart...that's what got Viggo Mortensen through The Road.  Oh, he died...welp, WWJD?


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